Drivers receive tickets for parking out of their zone. The Studio editor Katie Weitkamp asked students if they know where to legally park.Kevin Morrison
Hometown: Radcliff
Major: Anthropology
Year: Junior
Age: 20
“Yes, of course.”

Shannon Hanner
Hometown: Inez
Major: Mathematics and statistics
Year: Senior
Age: 24
“Yeah, the first day I was here they gave me the ticket and map and I made sure I knew all the right places to park on campus.”

Jaymi Robinson
Hometown: Lexington
Major: Mathematics and statistics
Year: Sophomore
Age: 19
“Yes, they gave me a map when I first went and signed up for parking and it was color coded and everything for where I could park.”

Zia Rheman
Hometown: Pakistan
Major: Computer science
Year: Freshman
Age: 19
“Most of the times there are boards that say these are the places for the employees and teachers. But mostly no, I usually just park next to my residence hall. Besides that, I’m really skeptic about parking anywhere else.”