To the Editor: The so called “teach-in” occuring on April 2 is nothing other than a conduit by which certain professors can advance their personal political views and agendas. They are not “educating” students regarding the current war to liberate Iraq from the clutches of a murdering dictator. No, these professors are simply anti-Bush and are attempting to convert as many students as possible to their anti-American, anti-Bush, political views.
I did not realize that it was the job of faculty members to attempt to convert students to a particular ideology. It is one thing if students organize and carry out a protest. It is completely different when you have professors crusading to turn their listeners against our president and the soldiers who are fighting for a just cause.
It is extremely offensive to the many ROTC students on campus who plan to serve their country and the commander-in-chief (current and future ones). Also, the teachin leaders conveniently forget that the majority of Americans support our president and the war. I hope they realize that their “anti-war,” “anti-bush” views are not shared by all students.
This type of behavior is no different than a professor attempting to convert students to a particular religion. It is unprofessional and does nothing other than show their true colors. It is a good thing Americans have free speech. It shows us who the really foolish professors are.


Concerned Student