OK, boys and girls. It’s time to test your knowledge of what’s going on at Eastern. 1. The Counseling Center is planning what new group?

a) Counselors anonymous
b) A support group for people affected by deployments
c) Colonels with problems

2. Gov. Paul Patton did not sign the budget before making it law because:

a) He went golfing the day it hit
his desk.
b) He forgot how to sign his
c) He said it was structurally out
of balance.

3. Who is the new athletics director?

a) John Shafer
b) Arnold Schwarzenager
c) Michelle Kwan

4. This basketball player is:

a) Rejoicing after a big dunk.
b) Upset because another player blocked the ball.
c) A student from West
Jessamine High school. His team was in the 11th region championship and lost to Henry Clay.