By Katie Weitkamp/The Studio editor

If you’ve ever seen a basketball game in Alumni Coliseum, you probably didn’t notice the acoustics, but if you were at the Rascal Flats, Nappy Roots or Gin Blossoms’ concerts, you couldn’t miss them.I love concerts, especially free and cheap ones, but I can’t watch them in Alumni. I went to the Gin Blossoms’ concert and only stayed for about three songs; I couldn’t take the constant echoing off the walls.

I’m asking the university to do something about it. It’s embarrassing to invite a nationally known act to Eastern and have them hate it because they can’t hear themselves play, and students walk out halfway through.

At least Eastern students get the best seats. The echoing doesn’t seem to be as bad on the floor as it does in the bleachers.

There has to be something we can do, re-arrange the speakers, put up padding — something to make it tolerable. If nothing else, move the concert.

Alumni is a great place to watch a basketball game, you expect sounds of basketballs pounding the hardwood floor, the screech of a sneaker, the echoing of the buzzer. But now we’re talking about music, where it’s all about sound quality.

I’m hoping something can be done in preparation for the 3 Doors Down concert. I hope for the band and especially the fans’ sake someone will listen.