Chair of History department says police report is inaccurateI do appreciate you reporting that I was cleared of DUI charges. On the other hand, the campus police report is not quite accurate.

When I left the Keith Building at roughly 9:30 p.m., there was no one around, including police officers.

There were two police vehicles in front of Keith Hall, and as I was driving away, I paused to see whether students in the dormitory across the street were having a fracas.

Little did I know that the police were in Keith Hall looking for a bald headed man who was involved in a disturbance. When I left the Keith Building, I heard no one order me to stop.

I am deaf in my left ear, but usually I hear someone shouting. I did not run to my car and I drove away very slowly while trying to see why the police were there.

My colleagues in the Keith Building are dedicated faculty, but I am usually the one working there on Saturday night and that was certainly true on Jan. 25.

Thus, the only disturbance I could have been involved in is a disturbance with myself.

The police report hints that I was trying to take evasive action, but I had nothing to be evasive about as I was not fighting with a colleague and I know I was not drunk.

There are several legal issues that one might raise about why I was stopped and why I was detained, but the police officers were polite and my affection for Eastern Kentucky University supersedes any inconvenience that this may have caused me.

In fact, from the beginning I was more amused than angry.

Ronald K. Huch
Chair of history department

*The Progress gave Eastern’s Division of Public Safety a chance to respond to this letter. However, they did not respond before the deadline.

Student wants university to change,make sidewalks safer for community

I read the articles in last week’s paper on the guy falling on the sidewalks. Does the university plan on doing anything about it?

It seems in your article all they said was yeah, we don’t want to crack the sidewalks. I know that the sidewalk he fell on is not the only one neglected. The commuter parking lot behind the Disney Building is a disaster when it snows, it’s obvious they don’t touch it.

I think it’s amazing Sean Naylor is the first to get hurt. I know I’ve fallen several times. Is this incident an eye-opener for the school, or are they just saying tough luck?

Lauren Palicki,
Junior nursing major