By Gina Vaile/Managing editor

The Student Government Association will disperse $100,00 to various departments and colleges on campus this year.The organization has sent out information packets to all academic deans, associate deans and department chairs concerning the annual allotment of student technology funds — the money comes from a portion of the $50 technology fee the university assesses all students at the beginning of each year.

SGA is now accepting bids from the academic departments. While the Student Technology Fee Committee is asking faculty and staff to submit applications for the allotment, it also encourages students to submit requests.

“Even though we send the information to the departments and the deans, it impacts the students and they should include their input,” Committee Chair Daniel Logsdon said Tuesday after the SGA Senate meeting.

The committee is asking for proposals from all areas of the university to enhance classes, college programs and departmental programs directly relating to students.

“It is something that affects the students,” Logsdon said.

“It is an important year for allocations because of budget cuts,” he said in the meeting Tuesday.

Applications also are out for the 2003-2004 Student Organization Funding Request.

The annual applications are available to all student organizations registered in the Office of Student Development at Eastern who are in need of financial assistance.

“Any student organization (registered) can apply. We review the applications on a first-come, first-serve basis,” said Jacinda Bertie, appropriations chair.

This year the SGA has included an informational letter with the application to aid in the process.

“The application looks the same, but we worded some of the questions differently. We have included an FYI sheet as a separate sheet to highlight some main points,” Bertie said.

SGA President Mary Hall said each time the applications come out more questions are raised and applications are filled out incorrectly.

“We just want people to be well informed,” Hall said, “so they can have a better understanding of what’s going on.”

Bertie said that any questions about the application that aren’t answered in the FYI handout can be answered directly by her or Jessica Snyder, the other appropriations chair. The two can be reached by calling the SGA Office, 622-1724.

Though the Appropriations Committee doesn’t have an exact figure of the amount of money there is to work with, Bertie said that last year $50,000 was dispersed among university organizations. Bertie said that figure is for the entire year, not just the spring semester.

Many organizations will ask for the money to help fund large events, Bertie said.

“We look at how much the organization needs, and how much they will fund themselves,” she said.

Decisions on allocations will be made March 11. Applications for both student organization funding and the student technology fee allotment can be obtained in the SGA Office, 132 Powell Building.