By Mark Taylor, a sophomore education major from McCreary County.

Student says there’s not enough choices to eatIt is a crying shame that the Commonwealth fires had to be the catalyst to perform the visitation policy changes needed for EKU.

After that statement I bet a lot of you are wondering who I am, and what could I possibly be thinking.

Well I am a student here at Eastern and I am thinking that if the school wishes to do this then it is in its right. However, Eastern needs to realize some political correctness that needs to be addressed.


This is a problem that seems to be inherent to EKU simply because of old fashioned tendancies. EKU is a place where students, 95 percent of us over 18, go to school.

The old rule was that members of the same sex could visit with no hassle and members of the opposite sex had to be checked in. Well this is segregation by sex. Now the rules are you have to check everyone in, male or female. I believe this is fine, as long as they stop segregation completely. That is, they have no limitations on visitation for girls in guys’ rooms and vice versa. Any other policy would be considered sexist and a violation of our civil rights.

The ID checking in the dorms around campus is fine by me. It does what it was designed to do by allowing the school to blame a fire on all residents of a dorm and force them to pay for the FULL damages.

However, does it not remind anyone else of horror tales of Nazi Germany “Heil where are your papers…” What is next? Will we get stopped in the street and asked for them?

And well, this is just a complaint to EKU’s Food Administration.

Why is it that there is only one place to eat on campus during the weekend?

The school will never get a more permanent group of students, less suitcasers, unless we have somewhere to eat. For goodness sake, leave Blimpies and some of the food places in Fountain Food Court open. We all get tired of the same places and things for dinner every time, and some of us, minus our meal plans, don’t have the money to eat elsewhere.