By Katie Weitkamp/The Studio editor

Joe Millionaire … what is wrong with this guy? For those who don’t know, FOX picked this construction worker to lie to about 25 women for their love. It’s the newest reality TV/dating scam to hit the airwaves. Basically, he tells these women he inherited $50 million and takes them to a mansion in France. There he tries to get to know them and they try to woo him, or really just his money.Sure he’s attractive, but I don’t think the women on this show are going to find him quite so pretty when they find out he’s a construction worker who lives just $3,000 above the poverty level. And who wants to base an entire relationship on this lie and have it all televised? I can’t wait to see on the last episode when he tells his woman that he’s not rich, if she hits him — I would.

Don’t any of the women competing for him wonder why he’s still single? Why are they going on TV to find a man anyway? Fifty million dollars, that’s why.

I kind of feel bad for the guy. I mean, he really thinks these women might actually like him. While he’s sitting there with his commentary, talking about how he thinks this girl is in it for the money, but this other girl is really sweet, all the women are there talking about sapphire necklaces and trips to Paris, and how great it would be to have all his money.

I guess being on TV makes it okay to lie to someone you want to marry. In real life, if anyone found out their partner had been lying to them the entire duration of their relationship, they might realize what a freak their partner is.

But this show isn’t even the worst one. During one of the episodes, I saw a commercial for a new reality dating show in which the people never meet until they get married. How does it work? America gets to view profiles of several different men and women, then they get to pick out two and vote —based on their taped profiles — on who would be the best couple. In the end, the two who are picked get married.

Who is going to vote for this type of crap? People like me, who hate people who go on TV to find love. How are we going to vote? In the cruelest manner possible. That’s right, the smartest girl with the stupidest guy, the prettiest guy with the ugliest girl, the lawyer with the high school drop out. And I hope they have to live with it for the rest of their lives.

And we wonder why the divorce rate is so high? We’re all so stupid; we keep watching these stupid TV shows that basically encourage lies and loveless marriages. If I were a divorce lawyer, I would so advertise during these shows, that way I’d know I was reaching the right kind of audience.