OK, boys and girls. It’s time to test your knowledge of what’s going on at Eastern.1. Who has Eastern named as its Outreach Ombudsman and UniversityAmbassador?

a) Libby Fraas
b) Roy Kidd
c) Jessica Rabbit

2. Eastern has received a National Science Foundation grant to do what with?

a) Send an Eastern student to Mars
b) Experiment on human brains
c) To improve area middle school technology, math and science programs

3. What position was the topic of discussion at forums on campus this week?

a) Provost
b) President
c) VP for Student Affairs

4. What event is this man participating in?

a) Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations. He was the keynote speaker
b) The drama club’s version of Hamlet. He was Hamlet
c) Anti-war protests. He was a speaker

Answers: b, c, a, a