By Christina Cathcart/Around&About editor

Although the deadline for registering to vote in the state of Kentucky has come and gone, students registered to vote in counties other than Madison County still have the opportunity to vote by requesting absentee ballots from their county clerk’s office. To request an absentee ballot, the voter or the voter’s spouse, parent or child must request an application from their county clerk by mail, fax or in person. The deadline for applying for a paper absentee ballot is Oct. 29, seven days before the election. When filling out the application, students can have the ballot mailed directly to their addresses at Eastern.

“Around here, young people are registered, but they’re just not interested in voting,” said Mary Jane Ginter, Madison county clerk. “I can understand why an Eastern student wouldn’t want to register here, because they probably wouldn’t know anybody who was running.

“They really need to be registered in a place where they would know the people they were voting for,” Ginter said.

An absentee ballot is placed inside an envelope that has a flap on the outside, which contains the voter’s name and address. That envelope is placed inside another envelope; when it is opened, the address flap is removed so that the vote will be secret.

“It’s not only important to the county, but to the entire United States as well,” said Mitzi Kelley, deputy clerk at the Madison County Clerk’s office. “It’s a right we have, and all those who can should apply it.”

The ballot needs to be back to the student’s county clerk’s office by 6 p.m. on election day in Kentucky; other states will vary.

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