By Jessica Griffin/Old School editor

When I was a kid growing up in the 80s, I remember thinking bell-bottoms were the most repugnant pants on the planet. I often made fun of pictures of my mother from the 60s and 70s, when she sported some of the biggest bell-bottoms you’ve ever seen. Then I turned 18. It was then that my wardrobe somehow became full of bell-bottoms and other pants of the baggy variety; and it was my mom’s turn to make fun of my clothes. The truth of the matter is fashions come and go, and then come back again, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

After digging through The Progress archives, I found a plethora of articles about the styles of the 70s. This was during a time when The Progress employed a “Woman’s Editor,” which was basically a fashion editor. These fashion critiques weren’t quite as biting as Joan Rivers’, but they give us a good glimpse into what 70s fashions were like, before they were vintage.

I wish I had room to print all of the fashion pictures I found in the archives. From bell-bottoms to leisure suits, bow ties to butterfly collars, The Progress was once full of fashion photos.

The 1970 Milestone is also chock-full of fashion photos. Back in the day there was actually a section devoted to beauty and beauty queens.

As an addition to the Accent page on making old clothes new, here is a page about old clothes when they were new. Hopefully, it will inspire you to raid your parent’s closets in hopes of finding their left-over 70s attire.