I have three comments I would like to make after reading the last two issues of the Progress last nite.1) I am tired of complaints about the Lancaster roadblock. Take it down and let traffic pass. And students, your mom told you when you were six or there about, “LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING THE BIG STREET.” Just because you are an Eastern student, you don’t have any reason to just walk across a street without looking. I see this too often. And drivers in the area condone it: I’ve seen many drives stop for a crosswalk with no one in sight.

2) Enough complaining about the plus/minus grading system. I often feel that a student has not done enough quality work for a “B” for example, but better than a “C”. I have the C+ and B- alternatives. And, the comparisons you put in of staff GPA’s were only effected by tenths of even hundredths of a point. And the article a few weeks ago about employers looking at GPA’s first, bunk. Check with Career Services. GPA’s are way down the list.

3) Time for English class for whoever put together the Main Street Chevron ad, p. A5, 31 Jan. “Now that your (sic) back in school, …” There is a difference between “your” and “you are” contracted into you’re. No wonder people complain about a plus/minus grade. They are looking for freebies without putting in the work. At least they got it right in the same ad last week, p. B3.

David W. Dailey, Ed. D.,


Department of Technology

Editor’s note: Dr. Dailey’s letter was printed as submitted.