By Jennifer Rogers/News editor

The Student Government Association resumed allocation of organizational funding requests Tuesday night. The process had been suspended for review since Oct. 23. After SGA President Nick Bertram and Vice President Kara Tatum looked at the SGA’s allocation procedures, Bertram decided to change the process in two major ways.

Primarily, the Finance Committee will have a lighter work load. Before, the committee made recommendations on what the Senate should approve.

“They were doing a lot more than we intended them to do,” Bertram said.

Now, the committee will look purely at the technical aspects of the requests, Bertram said. For example, whether the group has a sponsoring senator, and whether the request meets the SGA’s constitutional requirements — not at whether the proposal should be approved, denied or amended.

The second change will be the amount of information given to senators before voting on the request. Senators will now be able to view the entire contents of the proposal on the SGA’s new Blackboard site.

Bertram said for organizations requesting funds, the procedure has not changed. He said the new process may make it easier for organizations to understand.

On Tuesday, the SGA took the following action on organizational funding requests:

n Approved a $2,641 request from Eastern’s rugby team for a practice sled, balls, tees, jerseys, socks and a medical kit. The team has not had the equipment in the past, and it needs it since reorganizing two years ago, sponsoring Senator Aaron Raider said.

n Sent a $500 request from the Korean American Student Association back to the Finance Committee for more information. The money is needed to cover expenses from a movie night, elections and an inaugural meeting.

n Denied a $4,494 request from the Dancing Diamond Divas to cover costumes needed for competition.

n Approved a $2,260 request from the Panhellenic Council to cover expenses, including trophies and judges’ fees, from their Cheer for the Cure competition Saturday.

n Approved a $4,435 request from the Campus Crusade for Christ to cover registration fees for a Christmas conference.

The Senate has $30,000 to hand out this semester, which marks the first time organizations can apply for funding. The Senate has $60,000 per year reserved for organizational funding, and it approves the requests once per month.