The following reports have been filed with Eastern’s Division of Public Safety.Nov. 30
Austin Swope, 21, Owensboro, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

Nov. 29
Patrick Blount reported there had been possible damage to a water fountain in Commonwealth Hall. He stated it had either been pulled off the wall or it had fallen on its own.

A juvenile, 15, Corbin, was charged with possession of marijuana.

Lance Bartholomew reported a large picture window had been broken in the lobby of Dupree Hall.

Nov. 28
Danny Ashcraft, night supervisor for Commonwealth Hall, reported a fire extinguisher from the 11th floor on the south side of Commonwealth Hall was missing.

Jerry Shipp, residential coordinator for Commonwealth Hall, reported a microwave was missing from the kitchen.

Ronnie Brinegar reported there was a cordless drill stolen from the rear of his truck. He stated the truck was parked outside the plumbing shop.

Nov. 27
Jane Whitaker reported a theft at the Arlington Office. She stated the suspect had signed a receipt for a member’s fee, but then failed to turn the money into the office.

Irela Davenport reported her wallet missing. She stated the last time she remembered having the wallet was at home. She said when she arrived at work she placed her purse under her desk in the Powell Building and later the wallet was missing.

A male student reported he had been assaulted. He stated as he was walking toward the south entrance of Clay Hall, a white female walked up to him and struck him in the side of the face with a cupcake.

Michael Breidert reported his bicycle stolen from the rack on the west side of Keene Hall. He stated he had secured his bicycle with a heavy chain and key lock.

Nov. 20
Aaron Turner reported his dog was missing. Turner stated that while walking his dog near the Powell Building, he allowed a white male to watch the dog while he went into the building briefly. Once Turner returned, he found the dog and the suspect were gone.

Nicholas Hundley reported 40 compact discs missing from his vehicle. Hundley stated he left his vehicle secured. The lot where the vehicle was parked was not reported, and there are no suspects at this time.

Mary Nead reported her wallet was stolen from her purse in Room 111 in Alumni Coliseum. The wallet contained a faculty ID, her driver’s license, a Firststar Bank card, two MasterCards, an American Express card and a Visa card. She stated that $100 also was taken.

Emily Finn reported a credit card stolen. It was taken out of her purse, which was in the Perkins Building. Finn stated two other people were in the room to take their GED test, for which she was the instructor.

Nov. 19
Bill Kirby, night supervisor for Commonwealth Hall, reported a fire extinguisher was taken from the east side of the hall.

Nov. 18
Warren Todd, 21, Louisville, was arrested and charged with wanton endangerment, disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed deadly weapon.

Clifford Hayden, 22, Louisville, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and alcohol intoxication.

Justin McFarland, 20, Richmond, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and alcohol intoxication.

Nov. 17
A female student reported an unnamed male suspect struck her on the left side of her face. She said she and the suspect were horse playing in her residence when he became angry and struck her face with his hand.

Window shattered in parking lot

Ferrell Wellman, a professor in the department of communication, reported that his vehicle’s rear window had been completely shattered. The report stated that there was a rock about the size of a baseball in the right front seat of the vehicle.

The vehicle was parked in the Donovan Parking Lot when the incident occurred. The shattered glass fell to the back deck and into the back seat area of the car. There are no suspects at this time.