By Jessica Griffin/Arts & stuff editor

Movie previews are designed to make a movie look better than it really is, simply to make you want to see it. I had a sneaking suspicion that the previews for “Rat Race” were just the same. All of the funny parts of the movie wrapped up in three minute commercial. However, the previews were just funny enough to make me want to see it, so I gambled and bought a ticket. The first 10 minutes of the movie was pretty much filled with scenes that I’d seen on TV, and I began to think I’d wasted my money. After a few minutes though, I found myself laughing hysterically and not being able to stop.

“Rat Race” is composed of an all star cast starring former Monty Python member, John Cleese; Cuba Gooding Jr.; Seth Green (a.k.a. Scott Evil from the Austin Powers movies); Whoopie Goldberg; Jon Lovitz; Breckin Meyer; and Mr. Bean- Rowan Atkinson. The movie is loosely based on the 60s movie “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World,” which also featured an all star cast.

The movie begins in Las Vegas, where John Cleese is orchestrating the ultimate gambling scheme. He chooses seven people to race to Silver City, N.M., where they will find two million dollars in a safety deposit box. The kicker is that he has a roomful of die- hard gamblers betting to see who will win the money.

The odds seem to be against all of the participants. Rowan Atkinson’s character, Enrico Pollini, is a narcoleptic. Randy Pear, played by Jon Lovitz, has his wife and kids with him, and brothers Blaine and Duane, Seth Green and Vince Vieluf, are complete morons.

From the start of the race to the end, the movie is non-stop laughs. The highlight of the movie is Vince Vieluf, whose tongue piercing has gone terribly wrong and can only mumble. Jon Lovitz’s family is also quite funny. Their experience is reminiscent of the National Lampoons Family Vacation movies- totally off color and hilarious.

After a summer full of apes, dinosaurs and tomb raiders this movie scores high just for being incredibly funny.