Reporter Cassondra Kirby found out that even though most Eastern students haven’t been too lucky, a few have hit a small jackpot at least once.

“I won five dollars off a lottery ticket once.”

-Amy Fambrough, sophomore, music education

“I won a dollar off a scratch-off ticket.”

-Sam Shelton, junior

“I won $599.00 off a Cash 3 lottery ticket. $200.00 went for new tires for a friend’s car and the rest was for leisure. I’ve won a lot of small stuff so I guess you could say that I am a lucky winner.”

-Greg Benton, freshman, undeclared

“I always get those things that say that I’ve won stuff but I’ve never actually won anything.”

-Taisha Duffy, Richmond, Sociology

“I’ve never won any money legally”

-Aaron Adams, freshman, computer science

“I won twenty dollars at new students days.”

-Adam Lanzarotta, freshman, forensic science

“I’ve never won anything before but I’m going to win the Powerball!”

-Laura McDavid, freshman, undeclared

“I filled out that thing Ed McMann sent every year and I never won anything!”

-Jacob Hardin, junior, Police Studies and Administration

“I won a dollar from McDonalds, does that count?”

-Ashlee Cooper, sophomore, undeclared