By Miranda Sturgill/Staff writer

As part of the new school year, the Baptist Student Union has planned adventures to let old friends collide with new. Tomorrow, members and friends of the BSU will depart for their overnight adventure to Cave Run Lake. During the expedition, participants are going to enjoy the outdoors while fishing and camping at beautiful Cave Run Lake. Not only will participants enjoy the outdoors, but many can find someone to talk to, receive a break from the stress of school and find comfort in fellowship.

“I hope to have students interact in a fellowship activity with one another. I think it will help them meet some fun people and get involved with the BSU,” said Alec Alberts, the trip’s coordinator.

If you have any questions about the trip, you can contact Alberts at 622-4805, or you can be part of the trip, by simply going down to the BSU and signing up on their bulletin board; the cost of the trip is $15.