By Ronica Brandenburg/News editor

Eastern students and eventually students all over Kentucky will now have the opportunity to broaden their horizons. Former Eastern Student Body President, Ritchie Rednour and Mike Adams of Beattyville have started a new scholarship foundation called “The Horizon Scholarship Foundation.”

This semester marked the issuance of the first 10 scholarships awarded by the foundation.

On Aug. 7, 10 Eastern students received scholarships consisting of $1000 each to aid them in their educational expenses.

The Horizon Scholarship Foundation is unique in the fact that it is not looking for 4.0 students.

The only requirements for the scholarship are that the student is enrolled at the university, has fully completed the application, has answered the four essay questions included in the application and has sent in a $10 application fee.

Rednour emphasized that the only reason there is an application fee is so that the foundation can get its feet off the ground. It is the hope for the future that there will be no mandatory application fee, he said.

Rednour and Adams put forth approximately $22,000 to get the scholarship started. This money included the $10,000 allotted for the rewards, material used to publicize the scholarship and the salary of the secretarial staff.

“I’ve never felt better than I did at that first awards ceremony,” Rednour said. “To some of those students, this was what determined whether or not they got the chance to go to school.”

Adams expressed his love of Eastern Kentucky and how he feels that he should give back what he has been fortunate enough to receive.

“My heart is in Eastern Kentucky and the Lord has blessed me with a little money through being a business man,” Adams said. “I want to give back to the community. I feel that the only way to continue success is to give back.”

The next step of the Horizon Scholarship will take Rednour and Adams to Hazard Community College and will eventually spread throughout Kentucky.

Students who are interested in applying for the scholarship or simply would like more information can call Mike Adams at (606) 340-1523.