OK, boys and girls. It’s time to test your knowledge of what’s going on at Eastern. If you don’t know the answers, don’t worry. Just go to and you can cheat.Eastern’s Board of Regents deliberated one hour Friday on:

a) who would be the university’s 10th president.
b) whether to order pizza or Chinese food.
c) what to give Roy Kidd when he gets 300 wins.

Traffic was delayed this week at the Lancaster Avenue crosswalk because:

a) a fifth pedestrian was hit.
b) Eastern was holding a roadblock and collecting money in case budget decreases are realized.
c) inset lights were being installed.

Chautauqua means:

a)an Indian chief.
b)an educational and recreational lecture assembly with lectures, concerts, etc.
c)the sound Donald Duck makes when he sneezes.

This student is:

a)preparing to go through the ropes challenge course.
b)gift-wrapping himself for his girlfriend.
c)trying to start a new belt trend.