By Kristi McGarey/Assistant photo editor

With any new school year, comes change. This year, Eastern will begin a plus/minus grading scale. Eastern recently adopted a plus/minus grading scale to combat grade inflation. Faculty Senate passed the original proposal in February 1993, but never put it into action.

Former president Robert Kustra gave the thumbs up for the new grading scale in Dec. of 1998, however the policy was only recently implemented.

Under the new scale, students will be designated grades with a plus or minus, such as a B+ or C-.

The scale tops off with an A, which is worth 4.0 points, and decreases about .33 points with each grade below. It does not, however, have an A+.

So far, this change hasn’t been well received by returning students.

“It’s going to hurt more than it helps,” Jennifer Adkins, a senior paralegal science major said. “It’s really going to mess up people’s GPA, especially those who have to work extra hard for an A or a B.”

Andrea Phelps, a public relations major agrees.

“The only reason they did it is that they want to make Eastern look like a harder school. They need to do this by doing more with what you’re learning, like better technology, or better educated professors, not just changing the grading scale,” Phelps said.

Students aren’t the only one’s with complaints. Faculty also have problems with the new scale.

History professor Mick Lewis takes a mild approach.

“I think the new grading system is unlikely to provide benefits that justify the complications it introduces,” he said. “But I am willing to suspend final judgment until I have used it for a semester or two.”