By brian blostica

The Fall semester looks like the semester of change. The university is receiving a new president, an extra digit has been added to on-campus telephone numbers and a new student information system has invaded campus computers.

The Banner system was implemented in the admissions office in October 1999 and has continued to make its way into offices all over campus.

April of this year marked the first Banner registration period, allowing students to register online.

Using Banner, students will be able to access information regarding their financial aid and make credit card payments. This semester will be the first semester students will be able to check their grades online.

The faculty at the university will also benefit from the new system. Professors will be able to retrieve class schedules and rosters, and will be able to record grades on the Web.

Banner takes the old ISIS student information system and expands its hours of operation past 5 p.m. Students and faculty now may retrieve a variety of information from the new system at any hour of the day or night.

“To me, the most exciting part of the changes we’ve been experiencing here on campus is the ability to serve students’ needs during their business hours, which aren’t always between 8 and 5 p.m.,” said Mona Guckes of information technology and delivery services. Guckes is the manager of the Banner implementation.

For some, using the new system has been a difficult transition.

“The basic problem is learning the system,” said Ronald Huch, chair of the history department. “There are problems, but a lot of it is because of not knowing how to use the system.”

Jaleh Rezaie, chair of the computer science department, notes that even though there are some glitches in the system now, eventually, Banner will be a great asset to the university.

“I haven’t really had any problems. I think it will be nice when we have the student history in the Banner system such as transcripts, grades, etc. Banner is a more updated software and will be very helpful in the future.”

In order to save frustration and help with any questions, each college at Eastern has appointed a Banner Point Person that will be able to assist any faculty who may be in need.